The Checklist of Office Supply for Your Restocking

In the case of restocking your office supplies or shopping office supplies for a new office, you essentially need a checklist of office supply to ensure everything you need is stocked and to determine what else you need to buy. Make sure to get your office supplies from a reliable and sincere store such as regularly so that the supplier will know your preferences while providing the office supplies that will eventually prevent you to return back some of the stuff you do not prefer.

Start with your checklist of office supplies with paper which is perhaps the most important element of daily use in an office. Similarly, remember to bring every category of papers such as printer papers, graph papers, carbon papers, tracing papers, and three-hole punched papers. Then go for card stocks such as colour card stock and heavy-duty card stock. You still have the list of other miscellaneous papers such as wrapping papers. Do not forget to check the letterheads, business cards and greeting cards and envelops if they are to buy.

Then you have the list of envelopes and boxes in your checklist comprising regular envelopes (4 1/8 x9 ½ inches), padded legal envelope mailers, legal envelopes, envelope sealer, postage stamps, packaging bubble, and small, medium and large cardboard boxes. You will have to check several types of notebooks such as composition notebooks and spiral-bound notebooks as well as different kinds of pads such as legal pads and steno pads. You need to check with the binders which are necessary for daily office use and along with the binders, you should also check whether you need to buy binder tabs, clear binder document holders, binder pockets as well as punchers such as hole punchers and three-hole punchers.

Filing cabinets are essential for restacking which include hanging folders, manila folders and folder tabs. Similarly, there are numerous small office supplies which you should never miss to restack such as stapler, staples and stapler remover; box cutters and scissors, small and medium and larger binder clips, clear cellophane tapes and clear cellophane tape dispenser, small and medium and large paperclips, duct tapes, masking and packing tapes, small and medium and large sticky notes as well as small and medium and large bookmark sticky flags. Besides this, you need to also restock your bookmarks, rubber cement, white glue, hanging hooks, tacky wall mount gum and magnifying hooks. In addition to this checklist if you have items regarding office storage, electrical items and other miscellaneous items, check them if they needed to be stocked.

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