Should you get counter shields for protection against coronavirus? 

The Coronavirus outbreak has proven to be harsh on a lot of businesses. With each passing day, the businesses are being focused towards ensuring the best. For a long time now, the world was on a lockdown to ensure the safety of the people. However, with each passing day and decrease in the number of cases, the government of respective countries are allowing the stores to function. 

Although a lot of stores have opened now, a number of them have been functioning since the beginning especially the essential ones. It is extremely necessary to maintain the safety precautions even now to prevent the virus from spreading. As per the instructions of WHO, the stores should get counter shields before allowing customers indoors. The store employees have been asked to follow and use personal protective gears to stay protected from the virus. Also, it has been mandatory to keep a thermal protection screen at the doors. 

Why get counter shields? 


The risk of infection from the virus is still very high. Although the number of cases have decreased, we still are at the risk of infection from any infectious person. If you own a store, it is necessary to put up shields on your counter to keep your employees stay protected. This is also helpful for the health of other customers visiting your store. 

When the counters are covered no person would come in direct contact with the employees. The counter shields provide full-coverage and prevent the splashes and fluid-borne pathogens for good. Apart from providing your employees the counter shields, you should provide them extra protection with disposable face masks, respirators and more. 

Sterilise it

One of the greatest benefits of the counter shields is that they can be sterilised from time to time. The Displetech counter shields are made of high-quality materials that can ensure easier and faster sterilization. The durable and thick plastic contributes towards easier cleaning and stronger protection against the infectious disease. 

Easy to install

The counter shields are pretty easy to install and do not restrict the airflow as well. Most of them have two holes with gloves installed in them to ensure it can be fitted properly. The portals of entry allow the people to stay protected. Even these portals of entry are made of transparent plastics thereby making communication easy between two people. 

The counter shields can play an important role in protecting you against the novel coronavirus. It is extremely necessary to adopt for manners that can help everyone stay safe. 

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