What Can You Do With Clickfunnels In 2020?

An Honest ClickFunnels Review for 2020

If you have dabbled in Internet Marketing in any way over the last few years you will have likely heard of Clickfunnels (read a review here). You have probably seen the word “click” in some form of marketing material or heard the term “click” a lot. But what exactly is Clickfunnels, and how can this amazing software help you achieve your online business goals? Answer the question “what can you do with Clickfunnels in the next six paragraphs.

Let’s start with a quote from Neil Patel’s book “The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Clicking Like Crazy and Clickfunnels”. This was some of the most useful information to be found online. Patel said, “The truth is that marketing is really about telling people about something.” This is true and it was something I had been pondering. The true power of this book lies in the recommendations on what you can do with Clickfunnels and the tips it provides on building a profitable relationship with customers.

The reason why people like the book is that he discusses how s sales funnel can grow your business by allowing people to select what products they want from you, from a free initial gift on to higher ticket premium digital products.

The sales funnel is the strategy which guides the customer through steps along the way of completing their purchase. On the Internet, the buyer begins by browsing through different sites to find the products that are relevant to them. By using your site’s contents and visitor’s comments as an aid, you can make sure that they will land on a suitable product at the right price. In fact, many businesses can convert visitors to customers by selling, or even giving away a product of value to them and capturing their email address through what is called an opt-in form. This is how the customer starts their way into the sales funnel.

Clickfunnels is a robust, automated way to set up your sales funnels to make selling almost automatic. It helps you build a responsive email list in the way just described, which is often crucial to developing a profitable online business. Then, with a sales funnel in place, you can add special offers to your site, invite visitors back by sending them an email, encourage them to click on the offers and eventually complete the order.

What can you do with Clickfunnels in combination with a good SEO strategy that lifts your website to the top of the search engine rankings? Such prominent exposure will bring the traffic you need to push the message that your business has the best quality products available. Although Clickfunnels is a digital products marketing solution, it is not limited to selling only digital products. You can use it to sell a range of physical products too, such as camera accessories, computer supplies, household products, sports equipment, clothing, games, health and beauty, travel and auto, and even specialty items, as Clickfunnels will integrate with shipping software.

The simple form on Clickfunnels allows the customer to enter their details, and the tracking cookies that Clickfunnels can set will trigger ads for your products on other sites where they browse, so that your products and services are always being advertised and stay in the customer’s mind. This is called “re-marketing” and is very effective. You can manage and track your sales campaigns on ClickFunnels as it provides the analytics to do this within the program itself. This way you can keep refining your sales funnel for optimum profit. All of this and more is what you can do with Clickfunnels in 2020.

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