Four Techniques To Take Photos Focused On Creative Composition

Photography, like painting, are artistic expressions which are made to convey and make known to people something that their squared thinking does not allow them to see, such as why the colors or things were done that way.

The same happens with the composition of photography, giving the same as always, without risking and being sure that we can be much more than the shot. It is there where we have to break patterns, observe everything around us, and take advantage of it, taking into account angles, symmetry, colors and objects.

That is why we want to present you some very creative ways to take photographs focused on creativity, whether for newborn photos, portrait sessions or even a wedding, images that will last for the rest of life.

  1. Try Taking Reflex Photography

Reflections are always associated with the play of perspective with water, but they do not always have to be done with the element. Reflections on the water are probably the easiest thing to do if you want to be creative. But if you want to be different and change things, try other surfaces too, such as a mirror or a window.

  1. Make Use Of Negative Space In Your Photography

Using negative space helps you add much more to an image, without damaging the theme you are working on. Therefore, use the dead and negative spaces that most photographers do not use. You will see that the result will be very peculiar, and you can even make it part of the style in your shots. Visit https://photolemur.com/blog/10-tips-to-street-photography-nyc.

  1. Make Multiple Photographic Exposures

This adds a lot of creativity to your photos. Don’t limit yourself, break the mold, don’t think that you only have to use only two exposures, in the case of multiple exposures. They will be spectacular and will allow you to carry out easy post-processing to achieve.

  1. Reduce Shutter Speed

By having a long exposure (slowing the shutter speed), you can add more composition to your photos. A clear example, very traditional, are waterfalls or water shots; but you can also use it in other themes. In addition, blur is a great ally.

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