Best ETF Strategies for naïve traders 

Before we start describing the strategies, you should understand that each minute you spend in front of the computer or laptop should be productive. There are many traders and investors who don’t focus on productivity but money. You should have the unquenchable thirst when it comes to trading. There are traders in the Singapore who are great at trading because they know the value of it. You should also work on the skills, strategies and many other factors related to trading because only then the goals can be achieved in trading.  The ETF is one of the greatest ways to make money but the investors should have the ability to trade it successfully. There are numerous benefits in ETF and they are the wide range of choices, risk diversification, abundant liquidity, lower expenses, and much more. It is not true if we say that there are no disadvantages because there are but you can handle it tactfully. In this article, we will cover a few strategies that will help the naïve traders to make money. Shall we dig in?  

Every trader is different in the trading world. If you conduct a research on the professional traders trading style you will be surprised to see the diversity in their trading system. But none of them are trading with the complex trading system. Always remember the best trading system is extremely simple. Instead of buying other people trading system, you need to develop your own trading system to become a successful trader. Developing your trading system from scratch will be a little bit hard for you but if you devote yourself completely, it’s just a matter of time to become pro traders. You can also seek help from the expert traders to get a clear idea about this exchange traded funds market. Always believe in yourself and trade this market with managed risk. Never think that you will have winning trades all the time.

The Dollar-Cost Averaging 

This is one of the easiest strategies that a trader should know. This is the technique used in order to purchase a fixed priced asset without changing the asset cost.  The naïve investors should take tiny steps because they are not experienced. Actually, periodic investment is advantageous for naïve traders. The major advantage of periodic investment is a way to save some amount. If the investor is disciplined he or she can successfully save a decent amount of money on regular basis. There is another advantage that the investors can enjoy and i.e. ability to accumulate units and get the maximum use when the exchange traded funds price raises or decreases. You can use this strategy to get a handsome payoff but you should become a disciplined trader.  

The Asset Allocation

This is another important strategy that every investor should learn about. You should simply allocate a part of different assets such as commodities, bonds, stocks and much more with the idea of diversification. This is a strong investing tool. If you know the level of risk that you are ready to bear you can easily get the maximum from this strategy. If you are a naïve investor you should learn more about asset allocation as it will be useful in the long run of your trading journey. 

The Sector Rotation

Based on the economic cycles you should make the decisions regarding the sector rotation. As a naïve investor or trader, it will be easy for you to take the right decision.  But there is an important factor that naïve traders should bear in mind i.e. they should have the understanding of the economic cycles to make the right decision. Actually, if you are in the ETF market you should spend the time to educate yourself. There are numerous strategies which can be utilized by a naïve so you should not stick only these strategies. You should allocate the time to develop your understanding of the market. 



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