5 advantages of LCL shipping which you ought to know!

Attaining cost-efficiency in every freight shipment is the priority of every trader. Being in the trade industry, you probably know how difficult it is to balance quantity and punctuality at the same time. Fluctuations in freight rates are inevitable. You can assure a marginal difference in the cost by choosing the right logistics partner. However, the major effect always depends on the type of container you opt for shipping the cargo.

LCL (Less than Container Load) shipments have many benefits that you need to know. The reason people get confused between FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL is that the latter comprises cargo of various shippers. Nonetheless, the advantages of LCL shipment far outweigh the liabilities. To get the best quotes of LCL freight rates, click here.

Cost-efficient For Small Cargo

LCL shipments are the best option for small consignments. The calculation of LCL freight rates are as per the CBM value of the cargo, so it costs much lower than FCL. You just pay for the cargo and not for the entire space of the container. Moreover, if you are shipping any light-weight item, the freight charges would be much cheaper. You can extract the amount of your desired profit from the consignment using LCL containers.

Frequently Available

The shipping companies load a container onto the vessel only when its entire storage capacity is filled. In the case of FCL shipments, this is tricky as the container has to be booked by a trader. The availability of LCL containers is more frequent because numerous traders ship their cargo using them, so they fill up very quickly. So, you will not get an FCL container until you book it, but you will surely get a space in LCL freight shipments.

Saves Inventory Space

Since many traders tend to believe the prevailing misconception that LCL shipping yields high risks, they tend to store small consignments until the bulk is enough for an FCL container. This builds the inventory value and also requires a huge storage capacity. If you do not own a godown, renting a warehouse for such a long period will cost you more. Thus, it is better to choose the LCL shipping option and deliver the consignment as soon as you get it. You have to be careful with the logistics department you rely on. Select the one that offers the cargo-tracking facility for ensuring the safety of the goods.

No Need of Middle-men

If you store consignments for FCL shipments, you will need to hire inland logistics to take the goods to the port of delivery. This will not only cost you time and money, but it will also create reliance upon the third party. And if you are new in the industry with your business still under development, these small expenses can make a huge difference. So, while you should always wish to get big consignments so that you can use FCL shipments, try to do these small tasks on your own by choosing LCL shipment.

Convenient Customisation

In India, there are dozens of shipping and cargo logistics service providers available. Only a few offer the facility of selecting the right space of the LCL container for storing the cargo. Yes, this might not have been possible a decade ago, but today you can book the space of the LCL shipment depending upon the nature of the goods. This helps ensure cent percent safety of the cargo during the shipping process.

Now that you are well-versed with the benefits of LCL shipments, you would not have to go through the mental marathon of making the right choice. While most of the traders go by their personal choices, you must make your decision based on facts.

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